Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

Great game

It was very entertaining.


This game gave me carpel tunnel. But, seriously ...

1 mana tree
3-4 shields
the rest attackers

That's all you need and will need throughout the game.


That HQ should have fallen half an hour ago but it finally occurred to me that every time the factor made a tech upgrade their health maxed again. Regardless of how well I play I won't be able to complete the game until after the factor has made it's second nuke upgrade.

click attacks are mana use as well.

Good little diversion.

It's an uphill struggle at first, but build enough cacti and up production rates, and soon enough your war machine will overwhelm the computer's. And, of course, click to defend.


NICENICENICE...veryy good game and hard...i loved the music...put it upp...soo awesomeeee