Reviews for "Tree Troopers"

AWESOME-here is a great guid

start with mana flower.then pumpkin.then 2 attackers.then mana.then 2 more atackers.mana.1more attacker. ul win, IF u have flower-power-clicking skills!

This is fun!

I got a score of 231662. Although I thought this was really hard at the first try (as I died fairly quickly), I decided to give it another shot, but with a different strategy, and I was able to actually finish the thing. Overall, this is really fun.

However, there are a few things that I don't like about this:
- Archers, leaf shrubs, and the turrets (flower and pollen) are pretty much useless.
- Main big War Factory's health gets completely full again when it gets upgraded (I almost killed the damn thing many times right when it upgrades).
- Tutorial chapters are sometimes repetitive and I didn't know what I was really getting into until the game actually started.
- Mostly constant clicking (it gets tiring after 5 minutes of clicking).

But, overall, this is major fun. I do agree that this is hard the first time, but it made me use a different strategy for the second and third time. Just frustrating that the War Factory's health is always going back to full whenever it gets upgraded.

Oh, and isn't the plural for cactus, "cacti", not "cactuses"? Minor spelling error, but it bothered me. Haha.


Half the score... (Too Hard)

The game is WAY too hard to complete. You need to set up a difficulty setting for the game. WHy I'm asking this? 'cause your enemy's making bases left and right, they have FAR better weapons, and their main base can attack! It looks nice and the music's good too, but the gameplay is where it kills the game. SOrry, but half the score...


Great game! The graphics were simplistic and allowed many objects to be on the screen simultaneously, while still being good looking. The gameplay was fast paced and enjoyable but still a challenge. The music was beautiful and added perfect ambience to the game. The ending was oddly pleasing and the entire game carried a "go-green" message which I think was very cool.
But It did have some minor flaws. I found that archers were pathetically useless along with both turrets there wasn't much of a need for health buildings/health turrets/health upgrades, considering that cacti die in close to one hit and pumkins are meant to be shot at.
The problems aside, this is a good 'un. Very nice job.

Great game you got here.

The game was fun and pretty nifty. By the end though all you really have to do is click wildly and wait for your tree soldiers or whatever they're called march on. In other words I disagree with the below review in the fact that it wasn't too hard, if anything it was too easy. but it was entertaining and I enjoyed every bit of it.