Reviews for "polarity"

very nice

Awesome space shooter. The game looks very good. The effects are very professional looking and pleasing to the eye.

The sounds and music are spot on. They don't take the main stage but complement the game very well.

The difficulty was good. I was playing it 'normal' and it felt challenging even then at some points.

Nothing to complain about the game, good job :).

ugur responds:

thanks, such feedback makes it worth spending all those nights on the games :D
I´m also glad to hear the difficulty is good now. Initially there was no energy bar so one died instantly on one hit and the game area was smaller,too.
I felt like that´s maybe too harsh so i raised the game dimensions so one has more space to maneuver and yeah, not dying on the first hit helps,too :)
I noticed it takes a while till one gets used to how to use the shield and bullet color switching to not die so quickly and kill the baddies quicker so i hope the other changes make it a bit easier to get into.
Stll tweaking things some here and there, but yeah, always good to hear if some things already work well :)


Wow! that 3D almost looks real!

ugur responds:

i´m glad to hear, the aim was actually more an a bit abstract but still halfway realistic look :)

ithis dont work why?

i want tho play this game but theyr only the loading screen a see nothing else and im waitting like for ever

ugur responds:

sorry about that, probably a server traffic issue though, try reloading the page a bit lter.


nice game vry gd graphics nd very entertaning overall


Whoever made this really went that extra mile, I think that if there was such a thing, they would win teh flash game of the year :)

ugur responds:

cheers, good to hear such things, motivates me to work on the game some more. Squize, Jeb, Vengeance and me made the initial version we had on CS, now i´m working on the updates alone, i see some potential in the game so i want to tweak and enhance it some to max out more of that :)