Reviews for "polarity"


Oh boy, its like ikaruga except without the cool animations and crappy powerups.

ugur responds:

this is a reply to both you and cardboredknight:
i don´t want to get all defensive, but yeah, i already said ikaruga was an inspiration.
its ok if you don´t like the powerups but why do you say things like its a ripoff and its like copying a game? It has one game mechanic Ikaruga has and besides that is quite different on various ends.
If you say its all bad because it has one gameplay mechanic another game has then you shouldn´t play any platformer because its a "mario ripoff" and neither any first person shooter because its a "doom copy". Any game has elements of previous games, so why attack someone saying its a ripoff if clearly the developer also worked on making it still unique on other ends?

to cardboredknight regarding scale of things: yeah, i´ll make the game window bigger some more so one has some more room (haha, already did that once, seems like that wasn´t enough yet :)
I want to show the ships nice in big dimensions but if the game window is too small in relation then one has few space to move around but then i also can´t make the flash window huge for performance reasons, so yeah, working on getting a good balance going there :) )


But it just seems too average, you havent really tried to anything different or better

1 thing I think is good, camera tilt when close to edge, thats all meaning it gets boring... quickly

I remember

playing this n the gamecube, It was called Ikaruga

Wow. Surprisingly horrible.

I found it the control scheme ridiculous. One word man ERGONOMICS. What was the idea behind WASD and B and Space? That you could play it with one hand. Spread the keys out? What's wrong with WASD and A and S. That works.

Your power ups blow. I found all of them actually useless. Even the shield was barely passable.

Besides that there's not a lot wrong. Music grinds on me, but the controls and no real good power ups just unloaded two shells of double-suck right into it. The ship could move an tiny bit faster.

ugur responds:

You can also move the ship with the arrow keys.
You can also customize the controls in the settings menu.
I´m working on more powerups, maybe you´ll like those more.

Could be better

Its a cool idea for a game but the controlls are super gay