Reviews for "polarity"

not a bad idea

not a bad idea but you should let us be able to gain money instead of points and let us buy weps and different ships plus you should let us decide if we want an extra life or something else like invincibility for a few seconds or something like that and then you should add power ups in mid game like 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x damage. Over all i think the game would be much better

p.s. dude at the bottom the reason it wont load is probably because your pc sucks


Assuming 5 is average, I'm scoring this just below. It does as well as one can expect on originality and you did a fine job with the animation, but the game design is relatively ho-hum. The enemies are not various nor terribly aggressive, allowing me to dodge the majority of them. I think I changed 'polarity' twice when dealing with them. The bosses were sad in similar ways. The choice of attack was minimalist, allowing me most often to sit still and just change according to what they fire, which was always a predictable 'red-blue-red-blue' pattern. I felt no sense of concern or danger anywhere in the game.

As for the weaponry, it was somewhere between fair and pointless. The shielding was an okay idea, but never needed it. The pendulum thing was weird and made a difference once in the entire game (largely because I was stupid enough to corner myself). The missiles were excellent, but I would be disappointed in a shooter without them. The sweeping laser was hit and miss, with varying moments of usefulness.

All in all, a cute idea lacking the energy or complexity to become a great idea.

Hmm, familiar...?

And here I was wondering where my copy of Ikaruga is....


i just wasted a minute or to of my time *sigh* guess i wont get those back
3 points for graphics

Not very good

I'm not really sure how this got onto the front page, when you move to the right half the screen goes black for some reason

ugur responds:

there was a bug in an updated version, i insta uploaded a fixed version once i noticed the problem, just reload the game and it should be fine.
(You may have to clear your cache to go sure you get the latest version)