Reviews for "polarity"

Reminds me of...

..of Time Raider
And thats why its awesome!!
Nice game play, its a fairly differcult game but thats what makes it great..
Keep up the work!

ugur responds:

cheers, will try :)


I played up to the asteroid level and it was pretty fun but I got bored with it. It could use more powerups and more upgrades to hold players attention for such a long game. The color changing system added a little something so that was good. It just felt basic on the powerups and upgrades but good overall.

ugur responds:

i´ll add some more powerups with one of the next updates :)

Games okay.

But I'd rather play Ikaruga, which this game is heavily based off of, almost copied. Still, It was mildly fun.

a tip for the people having trouble

Stick to one colour!
For example
When you go blue, focus your fire on the red coloured enemies.
At the same time evade the red coloured bullets.

switching back and forth is just too much fuss.

Greatly made game...but...

it needs adjustable controls because the controls were so awkward. Also, you need an option so that you can fire with your mouse clicker. I don't know if It's just me or not, but, I can't move diagonally with my ship, when i'm holding the spacebar down.

Other than that, it's a nicely made game, but you need a bit more variety in the monsters. 4/5