Reviews for "polarity"

Wow look! Ikaruga!

This game IS Ikaruga, just far worse. Better luck next time.


it was fun for half a second

Rip off

You basically riped off ikaruga with the 2 polarities and if a enemys bullet that hits you but your the same color shield as it, you take no damage. The Game plays bland and the only reason i gave it 2 is for because its graphics are quite good. I would suggest that you try to make the movement for the ship more swift and i would raise it a star. And you could improve music and the story line. Its too generic for a stroy line


ripped of idea only done worse enemy AI also sucked but i give you a 2


not saying it was bad but the dang thing wont load <_<

have no trouble with any other games ect on this site lol and iv got cable gave up on this after waiting 10 mins

ugur responds:

hey there, updated it and worked on the loading so now there are no loading waits ingame anymore, once the main file is loaded you´re ready to go :)