Reviews for "polarity"


However, reminds me of Ikaruga. Great game.

ugur responds:

cheers, yeah, obviously i like ikaruga :)

ei dude

nice!! just something to add up.the guy under me says its easier to use single color and ignore the other one. its correct. but changing colors also help. so just use them properly. because its really easier to avoid one color and kill the other


It was very fun but I think permanent upgrades would help the game alot.

Very good game.

However reminiscent to many other games out there, it has it's little mark to distinguish it and be a stand-alone game.

We are not new to the idea of a "bi" ship/warrior that cannot be harmed by one specific type of weapon, which is a concept that develops in the game.

Here it was done quite well and there are certainly no complaints regarding any feature in the game except that it does not make a special imprint in the genre.

My suggestion would be either to insert something highly original into the game, or expanding more into the way it was already going, meaning, a defense game, which could give a lot more options for more game hours and features.

Still, great game.


Not quite as deep or intricate as Ikaruga but a great game nonetheless. The polarity changes really lend an element of strategy to the game that's missing from a lot of games of the shooter genre.

Really makes me nostalgic for old school shooters like Raptor and Raiden.

Would have liked to have been able to keep weapons from level to level however.

Great Job, it's going in my favorites!

ugur responds:

Thanks a lot :)
And yup, in the latest update i just uploaded the weapons you collected are kept from level to level :)