Reviews for "polarity"

nicely done.

more polaritys/upgrades perhaps? maybe permanent upgrades too...?


One good game i have to admit but for the next on have power ups that you can buy E.G increase you rate of fire and stuff like that anyway you have to make a second

ugur responds:

thanks for the cheers :)
and yeah, good suggestions, will work on those :)


However, reminds me of Ikaruga. Great game.

ugur responds:

cheers, yeah, obviously i like ikaruga :)


Did not like having to restart the level each time i died, generally have a reinsertion of the fighter at the point you died, but all in all, a fun game 4/5 9/10

ugur responds:

you don´t have to restart the whole level when you get far in, but yeah, i get your point, restarting right where one died would be cool, i´ll work on that, thanks for the feedback.

ei dude

nice!! just something to add up.the guy under me says its easier to use single color and ignore the other one. its correct. but changing colors also help. so just use them properly. because its really easier to avoid one color and kill the other