Reviews for "polarity"

10 Thumbs up!! (if I had 10)

this is as smooth a shooter as they come, with a very high Battle Squadron like look :-)

Loved the shield polarity idea, especially with it going all the way to the level boss!

Only minor complaint is that at times the game seemed slow on picking up on my command to switch polarity (not even especially during larger enemy waves).

ugur responds:

thanks for the cheering words. i´ll tweak the controls some more.


Great game! Loved the shield function, it kept me engaged in the game. The only critique I could possibly make was the weapon system. I'm used to upgrading and keeping said upgrades. But even with temporary weapon upgrades, this game was just a blast. Good work :)

ugur responds:

thanks :) and yeah, you´re right, will change the powerup system to work as you said :)

nicely done.

more polaritys/upgrades perhaps? maybe permanent upgrades too...?


One good game i have to admit but for the next on have power ups that you can buy E.G increase you rate of fire and stuff like that anyway you have to make a second

ugur responds:

thanks for the cheers :)
and yeah, good suggestions, will work on those :)

Very fun! Also:

SinfulFuzzball, you're an idiot.

To quote the description, this game is "heavily inspired by Ikaruga." Way to point out what the Author has already said.

Other than that, a really fun game. Ikaruga was an awesome game, in part because of the Polarity mechanics, and I'm glad to see that there are people out there who have the guts to use the same mechanic, even though they know that others will see the game and say "lol Ikaruga" like a bunch of idiots.