Reviews for "polarity"

Ikaruga it ain't quite, but almost.

The game's both a bit easy and a bit hard for having a huge ship relative to the bullets fire, easy in the volleys fired are a bit enough for the pro to dance through like a fly through a great doors of Notre Dame, yet too big for the rest of us to dodge through anything. The fact that bullets hit me despite not visibly touching the ship took a little getting used to (particularly on the far right and left sides of the ship, bullets just magically dissapear there and my health goes down), might want to work on hitboxing.

The polarity mechanic, while lifted, works well in this despite how it fails in every other attempt on Newgrounds, which I commend you for. As a previous reviewer said, you can just stands still and shoot while changing shields, but that was something you could do in ikaruga too, and required some skill.

Some more skill is needed in that tactic for this game, as I notice the more bullets flying, the harder it is to change polarity *exactly* when I want to,

The biggest feature I'd like to see implemented in future versions is Ikaruga's "bullet eater" concept: yes, we can absorb the hits, but what if we absorbed only one color for a long time: A giant lazer beam attack, getting 100% accuracy by simply absorbing bullets and firing the super attack.

Or perhaps some Gradius purchasing of powerups using the bullets absorbed?

Beautiful, beautiful looking game. Weak plot, but that's to be expected.

Bosses were weak and had no real variations, and it is sad to see a point in a boss battle where he's spitting red at me , and all I have to do is stay red and shoot him, and there's no blue because I killed the blue half. True difficulty would say that when i kill the blue boss, the red guy changes colors and fires both red and blue, or blue firing enemies spawn. Don't just make the end of the boss battle be too one sided.

All in all, a good way for someone who wants to get their Ikaruga itch scratched online.

ugur responds:

thanks for nice analysis, good observations and suggestions, i´ll work on those things :)

All in all, a good way for someone who wants to get their Ikaruga itch scratched online.
Thanks for this, if it achieves that for some i´m happy :)


why the hell would the person below me waste so much time just to inadvertently inform you that the game isn't great?

Its not too bad

for being based of Ikaruga, I loved Ikaruga though, but this felt a bit... bland? not many enemy types, and it just has a laid back shoot ina straight line feel... dunno probably just me. Nice work though.

not bad

-I was really hoping for permanent upgrades
-collision detection is off
-more polarities would have been cool
-difficult to actually dodge attacks.

Nearly Excellent.

Although not the most original idea, like Necrophades said, that can't really be helped with this genre. And that wasn't even the problem. What I like most in these games are the power ups. And the power-ups in this game were terrible. Most of the time they either did nothing to help you (with the exception of the shield powerup), or actually hinder you as in the case of the sweeping main laser. And the boss battles were actually easier than the rest of the level before it. That being said, I thought the graphics were astounding, especially for this type of game. So, for me, I would prefer better power-ups, and maybe make the ship a little faster. Still, a fairly good game.

ugur responds:

I constantly update the game based on the feedback and in a recent update i made the powerups not time out anymore. As stacking up powerups would have made the game too easy i reduced each poweru´s impact force some. Looks like i went too far there :) I made em more powerful again now. You should already see that in effect when ( clearing your cache and) reloading the game.
I´m also working on more powerups so that will be in there soon.
And yeah,´i´ll work some more on the bosses, too :)
Not sure about making the ship faster, will give it a try and see how it feels.
I´m glad you dig the graphics, thanks for the feedback.