Reviews for "Infection Game"

this is a mixture of

The C word, space invaders,tetris,and dome other few puzzles like your ideas in your own BIG world your in

more work needed

Way too easy. Good attempt but way too easy. Also the fire direction was sometimes strange.

Something missied in game play

I got to wave like 720 or something and after wave 200 or something waves was change each after each like crazy and block appear and appear and i just move around and press 1234567 when they ready. WTF?


it gets boring after level 150 i got to 2007

was fun for a... short... time

well it was fun till it went to hack and slash your keaboard

1st try brought me nearly to wave 3500 rank 25...

I liked how it started but at some point it was just pressing all 7 num keys and hold down right for the whole time maybe a switch in direction but... you couldn't time stuff anyway cause there is too much action and it reloads in speed you don't need to wait and the tripple canon tripple shot and splash damage were up alle the time anyway

it seemed it wouldn't get faster at some point ... maybe flash couldn't handle faster progression or I just lack to see the difference