Reviews for "Infection Game"

Not bad

It get's pretty old and a little painful after a while. It was pretty good though, great way to kill some time.

Score: 40,175,285
Wave: 2829


could be better!

51st of all time!

I was the 51st best of all time 8D
Also, the 26th weekly, 26th monthly (WTF?) and 4th today 8D
I'm Watermeat BTW.

Score: 34490700
Wave: 2245

It was good, but after a while, I got bored, and didn't even bother moving, and just pressed all the upgrades over and over.
Even so, I still survived another 500 waves!

Too easy.

Good game!!!!!!!

But once you get all the power-ups. all you have to do is go around in a circle and roll your finget up and down the numbers...you can't lose. I got to wave 1200 and just got tired of playing and my finger went numb lol. Easy game, you should deff. make us have to press the space key insteadof it shooting auto. That would make it a little harder. Good game anyways and looking forward to a sequel in the future.

awesome game

i got 3784706 score. and wave 385. i liked all the powerups.