Reviews for "Infection Game"


place 211 XD

Wave 899

It was allright

loved it

well fun and i enjoyed every bit of it.

Good game, too easy.

Ill give this game a 9/10 because the idea was cool, although done before. The powerups were a good addition and although i got to lever 265 before i finally took any damage, it still kept me interested. Id say make the game a little but harder, but slow down the rate of waves. I was at lever 150 then when i looked down again i was at 250. Good concept.

yep most fun

but easy. you get to 100 level in 5, and to 300 in 15.
i think 289 is the highest level :)))


very nice game, really fun to loose time, but kind of repetitive, i just pressed the right key and keep pressing the powerups 1,3,7 when they where out, and then alternating the numbre 2,5,6 doing that in 25 min i was on the top 20, i finally decided to lose cuz i get tired, only doin that for 40min u could get to the top 5, but nice concept, rteally cool game and i really enjoyed it!!! keep up the good work, i{ll be waiting for the sequel!!!