Reviews for "Infection Game"

good stuff

Wave 3500, but had plenty of life left, getting a really high score is just a grind! I was at mine for quite a while as i was watching tv while playing, thought id be top 10 but wasnt even close.. The top score guys must have been there for hours and hours.. fortunately I have a life! Good game though

I really liked it.

I also got to wave 607. ='D

i got to wave 1913!

anyway, good game, its a bit easy but still a good game. also, im 51st all time! whoo!

A nice timesink.

It looks good, has simple gameplay, and never ends. I will play more later when I have more time.

Cool game

I liked the overall feel of this game, and what I liked most about it was the mood of it. I was wondering what song was used in the game. But as for the game, even though it was slow on my comp, I will not say this game plays slow, as my computer would lose a race to a sleeping slug. I'd recommend anyone to give the game a try. It is a twist on those old arcade ship shooters in the form of a radius instead of a side scrolling plain. It is a pretty cool concept.