Reviews for "Infection Game"


I'm giving 3/10 for the power ups but unfortunately that's what let this game down. It isn't exactly tricky to start off with, but if things do start to get a bit out of hand a quick swipe from 1-7 on the keyboard and everything is dead. Too easy with no point

grainsalt responds:

Powerups is an area I will be looking into for any version 1.5 :o)

fun...for a while

it was fun at first but then it got really repetitive, but i'm not against the mass explosions, although i think if you have ghosts on then activate scatter, it should allow the ghosts to use scatter.

Good idea

But once you have maxed out the specials it gets rather boring. All you have to do is pressing one of the arrow buttons and smashing 1-7 so that every special is active.
Then you just wait and wait... I quit at lvl 1000 and something because my fingers started to hurt, and the button smashing becomes boring.

great game

1 major thing, can you make it so that power ups can be activated with the mouse rather than the keyboard??? plz???

good game takes a while to get goin

Didnt really get fun untill i had been playing for about 5 mins but after tht it was a blast good job.