Reviews for "Infection Game"

Excellent gameplay... after a while

Wow! This game was amazing and it kept me on the edge of my seat just wondering what the next powerup would be. It seemed kind of boring and slow at first, but after about 15 waves, I was starting to get interested, after 40 waves, I was playing like crazy, after 200 waves, I went into panic button mash mode. I'm glad I played past those first couple of waves.

Progressivley Fun

I found this game tedious at first, but then intresting. I loved the use powerups in this game and how they're esential to victory. If you tweaked the graphics and feel of this game just alittle more. I think it'd be even better. My advice is to try and captivate the audience more at the start rather than in the middle of the game.

Cool Game...

I usually find it effective when I use the powerups numbers 3, 4, and 7; but only after I use the power up number 1. This gives me a 3x pellet blast with 4x area damage, only shot by three turrets at once! It is really good for destroying massive amounts of blocks fast. Another good, yet not as effective technique is to use the number 5 Laser Beam power up after you use a number 1 Ghost Gunner powerup. Behold! A trifecta of lasers instantly vaporizing the blocks withing range...But, not the blocks in between. When firing a laser beam, you can't move, which is pretty ineffective against your real enemy, the hatched silver block spores. You need to be constantly moving to get them effectively. When they get near the edge, that is the time to use the number 2 Smart Bomb. If I dont have the number 2 Smart bomb, the I use the next best thing, the number 6 Freeze Ray. It keeps them in place while your smart bomb recharges.

its fun at first... UNTIL!

u can pretty much spam the power ups... than it got easy... i went to 1016... i stopped playing at 999 llvl ... i wanted to see how long i could last while only pressing 1 and 7 (not moving) and yes...


I dont see how im ranked 241 in daily... montly im 1114... and all time im in top 50 :D (49)

nice one!!!

i got up to lvl 436 before i had to go this was so cool make a 2 plz!!!!