Reviews for "Infection Game"

Great game

Great game, kinda ongoing though. I stopped playing after wave 1020. I have proof also. All you have to do is keep going around and around holding down all the numbers and youll get a huge score. Great game!!!


ok game but it was really easy. just button mashing no skill needed got boaring kinda fast. But it was still well put together and entertaning for a bit.


good untill like wave 10 seriously it isnt so hard to kill blocks once u have the smart bomb WAY to easy. and i also think ghost should use scatter

grainsalt responds:

Ghosts used to use scatter but the beta testers found it ground the game to a halt.. Probably gonna make it for the sequel based on everyone's feedback.

Sorry you didn't enjoy the game... Hope you enjoy the sequel.


woo i got 2 wave 204 and died lol...:(


it was a prety good game. i got 2 wave 153 and got 1528176 points.