Reviews for "Infection Game"

it was fun, for a while

it was fun until i got to the point where i just held down left/right and toggled autoshoot on and bashing the number buttons
i got to wave 1000 and i kinda got bored, even though i was gonna die eventually

you could sa y it was great

sorry dut i did not really like it that much

Tough as hell

Just the right kind of impossible, I love it.


at first i thought the game might suck but when i got new weapons i was like "OWNED!!!" i love using ghost thing then the laser cuz there are like five beams lol good job

Good but tedious

Player guide: hold left or right arrow key press space and spam the number keys

Its just the same thing over and over, I stopped at 2000points coz I was bored but theres one guy who got 200nsomink million. I was wondering is it actually possible to die, or did he just get bored and let himself die