Reviews for "Infection Game"

Goood game :)

At the begining it is realy boring : /
No power ups - no challenge...
But after about 75 levels it is realy funny :)
Got to level 849 ^^

Well done


i only got 50 lvls but that is becoz it got boring

Very nice and lovely confusing

Old-school concept and lovely confusing when you reach wave 100+ where the powerups are rpetty upgraded and you get a lot of spawns :)

Chaos is a beatiful thing sometimes.

Very different

I like all the power ups....but i agree with joeman...kinda simple to get to high level

awesome but too simple

i have played this game but i found an easy strategy to use. u could just spin around without stoping and keep on using powerups and refreshing expired ones. with this i got to like lv 1420 and i would have gone farther but i had to leave the lp. i see some great potential in this game. i have also noticed that after a while it stops to speed up. so pls make it faster if u can. and add some power ups and make a variety of enemies.
otherwise, it is a great game with much potential