Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

I'm amazed.

This game is so awesome it's epic but. . .. what's with Osama or some east indian guy at the end of your death if you got a score of 1k?

jjwallace responds:

just trying to make a trippy.. i though i would ketch everyone off guard with that one.. did ya see it coming? of course not.. haha... yeah maybe it is annoying but i thought it would lighten up his day.. yeah he is hindu.. east Indian yep..
i think i will make a rating system for red custom..

No more download?

I love this game! My 3 month old son loves watching me play this game,the simple music and the colors are so simple and easy on the eyes for him! But why can't you Down load it anymore? =(

jjwallace responds:

its on me website...

one of the best games on ng

seriously this is amazing every thing about it is great the music and the art style are great the game play is great i cant think of much to say bad about it

jjwallace responds:

hey thanks, i cannot wait to get enough free time to finish up the sequel.. i plan on remaking the whole thing with better graphics, gameplay and extra stuff..


I just got 58928. My best before was almost 40k. I love playing this to chill out, satisfies my violent side and my pretty colours/good music side. Great game, I look forward to the sequel with real depth.

jjwallace responds:

i look forward to making the sequel.. i just need to find time to do it....

yay im gettting better

my average score used to be around 4000 but now im getting around 15,000 very fun and addictive.

jjwallace responds:

woop woop....