Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

i think its bugged?

when it loaded up all i got was a sperm thing floating in the middle, i couldnt move or anything?

jjwallace responds:

yeah! read the description.

Loved It!

This game is so much fun! It was truly addicting for me before it got hacked and destroyed. The music was cute and catchy and had me humming along with it and the graphics and visuals were clean and colorful and overall very well done. The game was really good and fun and I'm glad I got to play it before it was messed up. A lot of hard work was put into the game so it gets a 10/10 easily. Oh and to those who are rating it as ZEROS you really need to pay attention and READ things before you go and open yours mouths. If you couldn't play the game, you shouldn't have rated it until you were able to play and you shouldn't write reviews and complain about a game until you've been able to play and give the game a chance.

Oh P.S. I am completely in love with that little alien fishy thing for some unexplainable reason other than the fact that it is absurdly cute.

jjwallace responds:

alright well its there, i will try and bring some more your way.

Very addictive

It was a very good game and was very addictive to me. Too bad it doesn't work anymore.
Also people giving it zeroes. Ya'll are complete morons. It says right at the top that someting went screwy with the game.
Also don't review if you can't play it.


not sure how to feel about it, I liked it, but I kept getting mad about being eaten, I mean do you get bigger so nothing can eat you?

hey, i played it before it got messed up

it was awesome