Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


i cant play yeah a great game to stay in one spot

jjwallace responds:

hey read the description! my shit is screwed! i have to wait because it says i have to get approval for the upload! i didnt expect to log on to new grounds and suddenly all my shit is wacked


i cant give it any stars ause i couldnt play the game
for some reason when the game starts i cant move my alien fish because i freeze in mid-air
sorry but i cant rate this

jjwallace responds:

yeah, i got an email saying i was hacked! i dont think its possible but all i know is that for some reason i checked it today and out of the blue its all froze up! so i have to wait for them to approve the upload of the game i have not even touched for like 3 days.. i have no idea whats going on... it should be up soon. im angy as hell with this crap... + im getting all these 0's because of this shit


this game is very addictive

jjwallace responds:

did it work on your machine? because it seems that someone sent me a message this morning saying the game was hacked. I dont think its possible but, the game is not working... so i uploaded the swf again and am waiting for approval... this is a weird error... it happened right after it was taken off the front page..

not good

sooo crap, controls dont even work. big fat 0

jjwallace responds:

no crap! there is a problem with newgrounds.... the game would have not got the score and views it did with this problem.... im uploading the swf again it is waiting for approval to be replaced


How long does it take for the swf to get approved? i wana play