Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

it made me laugh

i LOOOVEE the music :D it made me laugh the whole game ^^ great artwork, colors and audio man, keep up the good work

jjwallace responds:

nal1200 made that great tune, hopefully he enjoys the application of it..

the turbin guy is a little out there, haha

its under rated

this game has a very nice style, great audio, and an interesting concept, its fun and addictive, and is very under rated, good job man, keep up the superb work!

jjwallace responds:

look a couple reviews down at the 5. i hope it gets a better score than the last version..



he he

deffinetly interesting and worth a try funny audio too but I have a feelin the big one just goes after u in a certain amount of time

jjwallace responds:


You Sir, Have Made A Better Game.

I just guess I like playing as this bizarre worm-like creature better then a silly old fish. The Silouette art style is pretty neat, and the soundtrack is very upbeat. Overall, I like it.