Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

A pretty great game

i liked this game. I thought it was wild and awesome.
Although the controls are a little spastic.
It is pretty fun.


Great game can't wait for the sequils! I got a score of 11430! Great game very original and all around amazing good job!

jjwallace responds:

i am working on a sequel right now... its going to be sweeeeeett..... thanks for playing


It's impossible to not like this game I swear! It's fun, has great art, is very addictive, easy but hard at the same time, and has simple gameplay that's very enjoyable.
I love this game and I'd love to see other stuff yo made. Nice one, kid!

jjwallace responds:

hey thanks, i am making a sequel called red custom...

fantastic game

the artwork on this was the best thing, made it so playable 10 outta 10

jjwallace responds:


Blue Custom is Great...

This game is great, and has moderately addictive gameplay.

Oh, and the BEST of luck with all you other projects.

jjwallace responds:

thanks a lot man