Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


I especially like your use of colour, and your choice of music suited the bright atmosphere. The next installment will be much better should you incorporate a growth system!

jjwallace responds:

:) that would be fun

reminds me of something,,,,

this game reminds me of that one game piranha panic for the pc i liked that game so i liked this game. ive also played alot of the other games you made and favorited almost all of them.

Also good but

it was a bit creepy.

The colors arent that good, i liked he combinations in the first game. But ur composition is creative: 3 Points
I liked the Gameplay, but u dont grow and its gettin a bit repetetive. I loved the bonus in part one, why didnt they stay? : 4 Points
Idea and music are both still good and doesnt get too boring ^^ 4 points

overall 4/5

liked it and the new victims are great, but the great fishes are fking hard to beat if u get hunted by 3 of them. Do the growth^^
im looking foreward to red custom^^

like fishy!

reminded me off that game fishy, i eagerly await blue custom 2! great game!
i got 20212


what the hell that osama significate °_°

jjwallace responds:

he is Hindu not Shi'ite :p but yeah with the music it kinda seems like it... Is osama the only person you know that wears turbans?
Thanks for playing, i just through in that guy for random weirdness