Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Dude :o

Make more of these

The game is realy awesome and i was hooked on it for a litte hour or 2 :p

jjwallace responds:

hehe, alright... i am working on red custom, and should have it done in the next month or so. That is probably the 5th time i have said that but this time i mean it.. Once i finish this project i got i am back to working on my games and should have it up soon... thanks for playing the game, i am glad you enjoyed it.. The next one is going to be way fun...

lol, what's up with the indy guy?

Definately fun game!
simple but creative and fun at the sametime.
Flashy and friendly graphics was very entertaining. (even though this game is eat or be eaten: cruel, cruel practice of nature XD)
I see you're gonna release a red custom and i hope to see it soon :D

useless suggestions: how about making the creature a wee-bit bigger each time the thing (wat is it anyway?) eats 5 fish.
e.g. (5 fish - big, 15 fish - a bit bigger, 25 fish - bit more bigger)
hope to see a feednfrenzy series collab! :D

jjwallace responds:

well every fish you eat you will get bigger in red custom.. i am not sure how to do it because of the size you get after 2 minutes.. so i might make it a time trial for the grow mode.. there will be arcade mode and evolution and stuff.. i was trying to however get red custom out, so i may do blue custom 2.. however i have no time to work on the 6 games i have in the works...
thanks for playing..


cooooooooooool game

jjwallace responds:



Isn't Blue custom awesome? Is it is it is it is it?????? It's awesome Woo! Just one question. Is there a bottom of the fishy tank?

jjwallace responds:

nope there is no bottom.. it just goes on forever

So many hours wasted playing this game...happily

Even my 4yr old daughter insisted on having it on her puter & it's hard getting her away from Frozen Bubble.
I'm waiting for my wife to ask.

jjwallace responds:

thanks dude...