Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

yay im gettting better

my average score used to be around 4000 but now im getting around 15,000 very fun and addictive.

jjwallace responds:

woop woop....


One thing I noticed is that sometimes you start out a little faster. Could be that that doesnt acctualy happen, but it seems that way sometimes.

And when you grow into the alien pac-man thing, i keep trying to eat the big fish, but right before I get to them, i turn small again. Not much of a problem, but it'd still be nice for there to be some kind of warning before you turn back.

Still great game. Can't wait for Industry Rising and Blue Custom 2 and anything else you may or may not be working on at the time.



I like this one too!!

The colors are a bit... like... WOOOOHOOOO O.o it's more like a bonus level you know...

jjwallace responds:

yeah, it really is! i just was going to make it blue instead of orange. and then make green custom and black custom, all a little different. Now because of all the feedback i know i have to put some effort and make a sequel.


great game , but as others say ; it would be nice if you add growth , evolution and things. also fun would be that you could choose your own type of alien fish and then you will be able to upgrade it every time you get to the next Growth level or something.

That song is awesome! could you post a download link or something?

jjwallace responds:

<----- its right there up top! click on the link