Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

i got stuck on leval 1

it was great fun but i just couldent clear the second jump it was quite hard.

Meh, not bad not good

Its was alright, couldn't get some of controls to work though. Music was pretty good though

its ok

i played the first it was good when u fix the control problem i wanna play this

and to the other people who gave this crappy reviews its a small hiccup with the controls im sure he'll fix it soon so stop giving crap to a game that has a small error


dude, the controls dont even work :( (i gave you a star coz o' the music :P)

jjwallace responds:

SOMEONE hacked my shit!

i have played the game

and it was great. But now you did something and the fish doesn't fall from the sky, it just sits there.