Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Yellow Pill

The yellow pill should give you a short term ability to suck in all nearby smaller fish. Or if you want to make the game longterm, you should make the yellow pills give you a small number of evolution points (If ye really have a lot of spare time, make the effects alter the appearance of your fish) These points should be able to be spent every min or so.

It's awesome if...

I would have given you a 10/10 but I just don't think this kinda of game should be fast paced as it is...You will be flying through the water really fast, and then bam, before you even know what happens your dead...Not to mention that the sharks can eat you if you so much as touch the top of there head...Still a great game though, don't get me wrong...

Nice game

Its a pretty good and entertaining game. The major improvement in my opinion is the fish growing at certain amount of points.

fun but unoriginal

It was fun and all, i liked the power ups espeically but i have seen this consept before ( fishy). With starting out as a smaller fish and gradually getting bigger with each fish you consume until you destroy the ecosystem. I like the modification you had made to the older version and all but it lack originallty .

* hopes for something better to come*

jjwallace responds:

originality? in what sense? this game is not like fishy, the only similarity is they are fish eating each other.. :-)

Awesome game

You can make the pill slow down all the enemies or make a whole school of smaller fishes appear.
Also, wheres the restart button? I dont think the "Restart Push" thing works