Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

i could do this for hours.

and so i'll do! really nice game. it would be nice if you grew after eating.


Awesome game but i cant grow at all ): but sweet game

Great ^^

Heh heh, I've played this on another site (Don't beleive I'm allowed to state it due to Advertisement, but still..) and it's pretty much the same but I love it still! I noticed the update where you can 'grow' but you don't get points for eating the larger ones? =/ Kinda defeated the purpose for me, but still excellent. 5/5 9/10

Nice game!

Hehe, its kinda easier to follow than Feed'N Frenzy.
which is a nice game too.

Gots an idea

ok first awesome second make it so theres land so you can like jump on the land and squirm into the water and make fisherman to like you know fish. Also add like a beach that would be cool like in jaws the game how you could go on the beach and eat people ok thanks for listening and i loved it!!!

jjwallace responds:

:-), like eat surfers. that would be sick as hell! YEAH, GREAT IDEA... surf munch