Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

poor guy

great flash. but was the coffee, like, her cheating on him?

Left me off.

Damn thats a great story. I'm not confused at the end or anything it's that it feels like you gave us hot chocolate without the whip cream. Therefore leaving out (probably) the greatest part. I liked it a lot though.

all that time... for that ending?

seemed like you wussed out at the end.... they were haveing coffee? so what? Took too long to say what was said. I got the point but it was so... boring...

but thats just cause it wasn't my style. It was well made and well put togther. Good job. I just didn't like it. you get points anyway :)

Good the second time around

I've seen this before... Is this a second time submission?

Not bad.

What was the time period of this? It looks like maybe the fifties, but the guy has a computer, a vcr, and star wars comics.