Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"


I'm not too sure about giving it a "suitable for all ages", but it's a heart provoking tale that reminds us that we should spend quantity, and not just quality time with the family.

Oh and the irony with the protagonist's/your name was funny. The ending was too abrupt, I'd have to say, and coffee doesn't really spell the end, you know what I mean?

Anyways the drawings were pretty decent for something that was this long and I think you've done a really nice job setting the mood with the mellow Beatles music combined with the black and white.

Awwwwwsome tale.

Great job using the non colorless theme to this man u doesnt pay enough attention to his woman.


That was truly wonderful.

I actually feel sad now.

For something as trivial as Flash animation to evoke such emotion is just amazing.

Great job. Truly.


Oh and good job keeping me watching the whole time, even with a flash so long.

nice animation

nice smooth animation

i believe that this flash is trying to show that no matter how hard you try in life you will never get the life that you want

there will always be a catalyst that comes and ruins things...

great theme to this animation.. i always enjoy watching a flash that has a meaning behind it

keep it up!


very good i'm hurting on the inside now!! naked reality