Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

I dont understang the rodeo part

all i know is that that stuff is a bit depressing

one more thing: why give them names at all? unless this is a series... otherwise names seem arbitrary


I really liked this. Not often we get something on newgrounds that isn't based around fart jokes or stick figures killing each other.

The animation is excellent. The storyline was excellent. The graphics were excellent. Just a shame most of the people on this site are too young to appreciate what this animation says about married/adult life.

Very heartfelt and sublte, looking forward to seeing what you can do next :)


i got to give you something for the art work but the story well its kind the dull but needs some kind of humor even a dan thing can have humor do some comdy or something not all sad needs.. idk really needs some humor i just don't like the flash cause their isn't anything funny in it...

The guy under me is a moron

This is an excellent piece that paints itself. I saw this a while back and loved it and saw it again and still loved it. I did think that some of the animations could have been a bit faster in some parts, but the story was great :). Anyone who has half a brain should be able to see that.

Well done and want to see more from you, silent acting or sound. You can tell a story!

Didn't do it

I don't know what you were attempting to achieve but this bored me, and i'm usually all for the meanigful stuff, even more so than the action packed stuff. Plain and boring.