Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"


All I can say is, what a bitch.

good work.

that was really quite good. it doesnt leave you with much to say but alot to think about. i like that. and its true to life as well, for the most part. great job man.

damn, i was really hoping those werent the credits

i dont like the ending. it just ends, leaving you wanting more and to know what happens. i'm usually okay with that when i know i'll find out at some point in the future. in this case, however, i would guess there's probably not going to be a sequel. i get the theme, and i know what the end is supposed to convey, but it just left me unsatisfied. instead of me thinking, "damn... yeah", it left me thinking, "....that's its?" no good for me. the story's not done being told. i just dont get to hear the end..


very nice style. visually, it looks very good. you got the black and white thing down to a science. the animation was a little... meh, simple and limited.... but you made up for that in every other area.

sound. not much there. got a good soundtrack. all the music worked well. not too many sound effects.

i dunno how much more i can say. it was calm and entertaining. i give you props for that. a big complaint of mine on newgrounds is when reviewers say, "it wasn't violent. it was nice and calm for a change." and then the movie is actually mind-numbingly boring. calm doesn't have to mean boring. calm things can be entertaining too. you achieved that here. good job

good job

good job, i liked the music.. i think some voice would have made it slightly better

Stellar and Quite Moving

A great flash all around! A piece that felt alive as well. Now while for some reason it felt music was cut from here in there it was eerie and gorgeous. There was just a tiny bit more I wanted from the piece but I think it stands extraordinarily well by itself.