Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"


it's very very good,youll always be my fave author,very nice,i am a fan of the beatles

lol, whats with the cat? XD

but seriousley,i love your work and your unique style.but this cartoon seemed a little long with nothing really happening.and the plot was a little unclear.it seemed to be about a guy who desperatly needs to buy viagra or something.but your other flashes are amazing.keep up the good work :)

it was good but...

i believe u havn't reached ur full potential ur animations and style is amazing and the story even though not so clear at times was good and was the cat meant to look like hitler.
anyway ur this aint ur 9th symphony but this is alot better than some of ur prevoiuse and i look forward to later animations

Always Enjoyable, but...

I've always been a fan of this one, but why's it on the front page again?

Small Critique

The end is a bit abrupt and the plot doesn't read as clearly as it could.
That's about the only really major flaw, but honestly, this is an extremely well done and enjoyable animation.

The other flaw that stood out like a sore thumb for me were the facial expressions. There were none. The faces were way to emotionless. Work on your expressions. Even a cartoon like family guy were facial expressions are minimally represented has more range than these characters. Even Odd-Job jack, which because its a huge tweenfest is terrible with facial expressions, has more range and better expressions than this. You could have stuck a paper bag over each characters head forall their expressions mattered.

Anyways, great animation!