Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

I agree with Opiniotron

The movie was a little long and the ending seemed a bit too casual for the type of build-up the story seemed to provide.
Music was good.

I did find it amusing he got so cleaned up for standing outside in a chicken suit though.

shoe shine

it felt unfinished, the messages were very abstract and subliminal, alot of pieces of the movie felt unnecessary, was far too long to get to the point, and yeah, a sad ending, which was crap because the main character didn't learn anything until the VERY end. It did use the music well though, and messages were brought around without having words spoken, so kudos

but still, it needed alot more polish on those shoes

wohoo the beatles!

Yea i loved it. I know its noir and all but i wish it had a happy ending thou... lol any good job

Good Job!

Really liked the story but the ending needed a bit of a polish. He spent all that time writing that story. It would of been cool to see it get it published and make it big. Anyways, Good story. Now I need to go watch something upbeat before i slit my wrists. lol


I love the flash....But wasnt this on the front page once already?