Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

So true to heart....classic and down-to-earth

I'm involved with the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world....I hope our relationship stays as strong as its been. I love her so much that some times I ask myself...Is she the one? My mind says "no way man" but my Heart cries out yeah dude....yeah she is and shes yours forever so cherish her as if she was the only woman in the world. But that's how I see her....as the only woman I'll ever love. Symone...I love you!!!

Now to my review lol....This was very well done. Bravo, an chore you should make a sequel but that's my opinion which you don't have to listen to. This just hit home so hard...I would hate to lose the girl I hold most dear over something like cheating...its a devastating matter that destroys couples so easily and so often....Great job....You rock and Film Noir is the SHIT!!!!! >;P I studied it in high school with me video productions class....its fun and with Hitchcock always on subject its a blast!

NIce illustration...

... But hardly any actual animation, almost all tweens. Also, you stretched a short cartoon in to a rather long one by pacing it so slow. It was a bit lacking in sound effects too. Don't take this as bad a thing, just constructive criticism for your future projects. Keep em' coming :)

nice work...

Really nice work, just something missed at the end for me.

good to find something different but

the whole animation was too slow. Also there were not a detailed description of the feelings, it was realistic, yes, but a little superficial.


I haven't seen any of your other work but from what I saw in this flash, this wasn't very clear. The story starts off a basic sign of neglect. The wife starts hanginging outside the house. Then she stays out longer than the dude can stand.
Then he comes home and she is drinking coffee I quess with a stranger and she cries, he cries, and boom end. By itself this flash doesn't work and leaves people going sequel plz.

I still enjoyed it though keep up the good work.