Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

Ok this is weird...

Did you submit this twice, because I remember watching this like last year... this is very very weird. Please, maybe someone else could answer this question...

How sad.

I feel sorry for the guy.
That had to hurt big time with that other guy there.
He knew it. My guess is that he knew all along she was up to something, but he just didnt want to believe it.
But, it also seemed he neglected her alot. She wanted more attention and he just wasnt giving that to her because he was always too busy.
This kinda thing happens everyday with some loving couple.
I enjoyed this very much and if you was to make another one i'de so watch it.

P.s. Everything on it was good to me. The music, Graphics, etc etc.

oh man...

so nice movie... so lame ending...

well done

giving this a 10 for the fact of i actually got kinda moved at the end but the cat with the hitler tash made me happy so in all its good.


It was a very touching flash but.... was it just me or did that cat have a Hitler moustache? Maybe its an inside joke.