Reviews for "The Chicken Rodeo"

very touching work

This is completely amazing. The colors you chose to for this flash really bring out the storyline and how it isn't present time. The ending was a bit shocking and left me hanging but I partially understood why he was at the apartment. Over all great flash.... 8/10 5/5

Very moody.

The visuals are great, and the idea to keep it black and white helps set the mood. The audio is good, with a good soundtrack. The story is depressing, and quite sad. Story is a little slow. Moody piece.

Congratz friend, 100th review (below me)

Anyway, this was really good. Too long winded for my liking, but it really hit home a point. Nothing new was done here, but that is one of the better executed flashes I've seen on here, and for that reason you get a 8/10 4/5.


it's interesting maybe not with fluide image and colored graphic but the story is very nice aldougth it could have been a git longer just to know a bit more of why he cryed because i don't know if it's because of seeing that man or the fact he heard siren. anyway nice flash.


but i've seen this before, why is it on the front page now?