Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

dont play this....

the title is very misleading, it sounds like a strategy game kinda like risk, but its not its a bubble shooter and we all know those arent fun.
i will give the game props on the only good thing about was the little story in the begining, thats it though


Just like runescape12345 said, it is k, not too exciting

It was okay

I have a tenancy to dislike bubble shooters because I feel that these casual games are drawing away from the more hardcore games' budget, but I'll let my prejudice for these types of games slide for one moment. So without further ado, let's get on with the review.
This game is okay, it at least wastes time for a fair bit, and people might enjoy it for a while. Afterwards, it gets repetitive, but so do most other casual games, especially bubble shooters. The graphics are better than other bubble shooters I've played, not bad, but not exactly a spectacle. Sound was okay, it really wasn't that impressive, but it wasn't bad per se. Its easy to understand how to play, but there were some annoyances where the bubble somehow bounce off some bubbles, while others they stick onto, which is quite frustrating. Also, there is very little information in-game, and the buildings feel a bit on the minor side. There was also the feeling of no relaxation, which is at least what games should do at first. Overall, its not a bad game, but not one I would pay money for.

It's a bubble shooter.....

There really isn't much else to this. You help alexander the great by shooting bubbles. I've played games exactly like this, it's nothing new. No power-ups, no amazing effects, just shooting bubbles that match patterns. It's just a simple bubble shooter that gets repetitive after a while with a very misleading title.


Pretty graphics.
Good basic game.
Average fun. Repetitive.

Not what i expected it to be, the title and descriptions are very misleading.

Repetitive, and rules are not clear.
little acess to in-game inforamtion, if we ever need clarifications.
Litte effective warnings of what the hell is happening. We lose when out of time. This is not fun at all

little point in buildings. Feels usless.

not-so relaxing game, lack clarity.