Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

wtf is this

what the gell is this game ill really not buy the full version this is your worst game ever


there is no way in hell id buy the full version

copy of a game-and not fun

this is a. a almost identical copy to a game on puzzle pirates (also terrible game)
b. a demo version of a game i can play on puzzle pirates for free whenever i want
c. aweful and not fun just like puzzle pirates rumble

Not so good

The game is a demo to begin with, and it is not a demo that I'd expect anybody to buy. The game is also very confusing and extremely slow paced, and with that Egyptian-style background music the game becomes very dull. It's really bad, and its a demo...

I suggest, that you please pick better audio and speed up the gameplay, also elaborate a little and make some sort of benefits to buying those random items after the round ends.

ZZZZZzzzzzz ¦-|

It wasnt the best and it made me fall asleep but also it wasnt the worst so 2 stars