Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

..fair enough .

please read before complaining ..

fun game

this is a fun and interesting game. the title is a little misleading though. as for you people who rated low, the author even said its a bubble shooter. and true to his/her word, its like one we've never seen x D

It was alright

I don't see why people give it a zero. It isn't that bad a game. Sure it's just a simple bubble-shooter but that doesn't mean that it deserves a zero. I myself wouldn't pay for this game, but you don't have to buy it, as someone mentioned in an earlier review. Just play the demo and rate it fairly, not in a biased fashion because you don't like bubble-shooters.

There is definitly room for improvement in gameplay, but heck, what game doesn't have room for improvement. Possibly add more to the game, such as abilities or something. ( Somewhere along the lines of Puzzle Quests ability system).


TheBloodbunny if you would have actually made it past the first level you would realize that the tracker is gone. You obviously have not played this game enough to rate it fairly.


ok, first off, dont even think of calling it some war game when it dosnt even include fighting! next time, dont make a bubble shooter!