Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

over done

and its actionscript crashed on level2, i had to stop running the script to save my browser from crashing..

eh ok i guess

i think i liked this game better when it was bust a move :(

Mostly crap

Well, it's a bubble shooter. It's already pretty hard to create a captivating bubble shooter, but the complete and utter lack of meaningful direction (What does the glowing blue bubble do? Why am I building these buildings? What, exactly, is the reason that I'm wasting my time popping bubbles?) solidified my distaste.

pretty lame

it was like a dull and boring version of that bubble shooter game with the dino. And what was with the user thing being only 5 letters? you have all that space and it can be only 5 letters? oh well its just another excuse to NOT use my 6 letter name but instead use Fuck or Cunt or Shit or something else that best explains this game in a 4 letter name


So this is what it is like to take over the world....


...Not trying that anytime soon.