Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

Demo.... BB smash....

Seriously, why do people even make things like this? These companies can't be making THAT much money on games like this.
The game was standard bubble-shooting fare, with a *drumroll*.... historical theme this time! Heck, (at least for me) the little orbs seemed to be moving half an inch per hour. Also, the default tracker removes almost the entire skill element.

I am the greatest that ever lived.

Look me up on the hiscores under "USUCK." Well I happen to like bubble shooters, and as bubble shooters go, this was pretty good, it had nimble handling, satisfying sounds (except for that horrible spy sound), and the potential for upgrades was a good thing, although, as people say, there's really only so much that can add to a bubble shooter. None surpass Bust-A-Move, still, in my book. Dinomite is a close second.
As for the whole demo thing. Come on people, you still get a free play out of it. What's the big deal? Nobody's forcing you to buy the full version. I can see why it's irritating when there's no endpoint, but in this case there was a sort of reward at the end there.


It's a bubble shooter. They are entertaining for a few minutes, but come on man. You can't base a "strategy" type campaign style after a bubble shooter. Just, no. And the puzzles were kinda annoying long.

I'm tired of this

Stop trying to get money off of newgrounds, it's supposed to be by the people for the people, not by the guy just for him to make money, that aside, the game sucked, it was just a typical bubble shooter that you find all over the web, no innovation or anything, you just tried to make something using history to make your game seem interesting.

pure crud

what the heck is this? not even the full version! don't try to rip people off to make a buck on here, we have enough people doing that here already. the graphics were poor the sound was poor the gameplay hit detection was the worst. who would want to buy the full version of this?

there was no actual plot no historical gameplay this was a typical "bubble shooter" made to be something special when it isn't at all original. fail! try again and don't try to "sweeten up" games with misleading historical crap.