Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"


Very boring, wanted to like but it was just too tedious


I could say that I loved it, but then I'd be lying. I thought that it was just an attempt to crossbreed Age of Empires and bubble shooters, and the offspring didn't work.

no,no and no

oh my. wow! a buble shooter. i have never seen a game like this since 2 MINUTEs! nonononNO. come on. forever like game. never get trough on 20 minutes. only 2 hours.

Truely addictive...

Although addictive it was great but I enjoyed the game.
Hopefully it becomes popular.=D

Try better next time

I didn't like it, with it trying to turn a war game into a puzzle. What is there to puzzle? Load the bullets into the gun, oops wrong way; you fail. In addition it was not that amusing of gameplay either it is too much like all the other bubble shooters just less amusing.