Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"


I played it for about a minute then I got bored of it it isn't very fun

ok, i give

i've played many of your games, all of them were disappointing, espacially this one. first of,.. congrates on the graphics.. that about it. there are 2 many bubble games,
and now, 'buying full version'???
... i give, every game from u always have a 'buy full version' button.
i doubt many ppl would buy this for $10

very interesting

I love the way its set up, but the actual size of the game is huge! It kept freezing and making other windows and applications stop responding. I love bubble games like this, and this has to be the most unique one i've ever played, but it is a bit large.

Some promise, but plenty of issues

Several people have already gone over the HUD. What are all of those symbols? Why is there no explanation as to what ANYTHING in the game does? What's the point of building resources when 7/10ths of the bubbles are just random vaguely Roman symbols? The timer function is completely broken, as I have no idea how much time is left. I keep looking at the hourglass, but it doesn't seem to be in sync with the clock, as it went empty about 1 minute before I got the notice that I lost a life.

Also, fundamental rule: Snood rip-off + any sort of dramatic story = FAIL.

Wonky Bubble shooting

I don't mind wasting my time on a bubble shooter but I don't think the shooting controls were very good, even with the trace dots I still felt that the angles didn't work right. This is no snood.