Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

is this some kind of joke?

what does shooting circles at other circles have to do with commanding armies and building empires?????
horrid, i have played games like this millions of times there fun for about 3 min


I liked it.

peaple think to much about games and exepted to much..

Its a good game keep up the work!

nothing new

It is a great bubble shooting game but the whole concept is similar to the Luxor game don't get me wrong it is a good effort but it is a tired genre of game


i thought this was some type of war RTS game but instead a bubble shooter? wow nice try though 1/10

Mediocre at best, I'm afraid

I'm sorry, but there truly isn't much here to deserve any praise at all. Granted, your idea of combing Alexander the Great with a somewhat dated gaming concept was original. However, at the end of it, there wasn't much in this game that spoke of the Macedonian Empire asides from a few visuals and sound effects.

As far as the game play goes, I would have to say that it is rather irksome to say the very least. Quite often, I end up in a situation in which I need one particular symbol for one or two similar ones at the bottom of the page, and then receive one that is worthless to me. That kind of faulty design is going to annoy even the most patient of gamer.

Likewise, your game description in the author comments section is only going to result in people being disappointed thereby. I went into this game thinking that it would be a game about Alexander's battles, something not too dissimilar from Genghis Khan, which was submitted only 3 days ago. Shooting bubbles is not the same thing as collecting resources and conquering the world, not by a long shot.

You have made far better games than this in the past: World Domination II was easily an order of magnitude better than this. Whereas this game has nothing new to add, WD2 was considerably more original, interesting, and challenging (while being fair) than this.