Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

would have been 4.5 stars but you lose 4 for dumping a demo on us.


this has to b the most boring game in the world

i got tired playin this seriously my eyes got heavy and they started to close so i have to stop before i fall asleep


It was alright, I don't particularly like games like this, but for its kind it had good graphics. It was a little boring, it could have had more special effects. But the biggest problem is that you have to realize theres numerous games the same, if not better, then this for free. Good job though!


I expected better than this.

good hope to play again but will not buy.

this game is good to play online but not to buy and it is way to expensive for my taste. I like the tybe of game and how it plays but the cost is to high. i will only pay $5 for it cause that is all it is worth.