Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

nothing new

It is a great bubble shooting game but the whole concept is similar to the Luxor game don't get me wrong it is a good effort but it is a tired genre of game

It's a bubble shooter.....

There really isn't much else to this. You help alexander the great by shooting bubbles. I've played games exactly like this, it's nothing new. No power-ups, no amazing effects, just shooting bubbles that match patterns. It's just a simple bubble shooter that gets repetitive after a while with a very misleading title.

Don't be fooled!

You shouldn't try to sell your product as something that it's not. Everyone expects an RTS, but we get Bubble Bobble. It's not bad at all, just not my type of game...


It was alright, I don't particularly like games like this, but for its kind it had good graphics. It was a little boring, it could have had more special effects. But the biggest problem is that you have to realize theres numerous games the same, if not better, then this for free. Good job though!


Just like runescape12345 said, it is k, not too exciting